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Too cool for school.

Super anchor chart about the various land forms! The students then made their own poster.

Letter combinations with visual/written examples.

Handprint Valentine's - To make the hand print more special, we placed a heart sticker in the palm to create this unique hand print.

over 100 children's books with coordinating crafts/recipes

On Valentines day give each student a new highlighter with a note that says "The HIGHLIGHT of my day is when..." and add personalized notes like "when you try your best" or "when you have a positive attitude" - but with pink highlighters

dice stamping = fantastic. a fun way to make math sentences!

Letter walk: walk around the neighborhood looking for letters on signs or things that begin with that letter, and then fold down tab on the plate. // This would make a great car activity too!

Running records - use address labels, clipboard, and large index cards. Write your notes on the address labels as you walk around and observe. Later, stick them onto the child's index card. Quick and easy! Then, during parent/teacher conferences, just pull out the notecard and share your observations.

Preschool Christmas parent gifts

Sight word walk...How far can you go without making a mistake?--I could use this for more advanced words for the older kids

Sight Word Fluency - This is such a fabulous system for tracking and assessing sight words, and to make it even better, it gets kids motivated!

Counting game: students put the correct number of objects to correspond with each number. (great fine motor builder!)

Mystery Word - What's the Last Word?

This is what happens when you microwave a bar of Ivory soap! Then you can tear it up, color it, and mold it into shapes. It's not wet and messy, either.