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Early Childhood Development

25 Easy Art Techniques for Preschoolers - Happy Hooligans

25 Easy Art Techniques for Preschoolers - Happy Hooligans

20 Activities for when kids have to wait! Have you ever gotten stuck somewhere with your kids and did not have anything on you to keep them occupied? PIN THIS LIST FOR NEXT materials are needed!

Activities for When Kids Have to Wait -- I Can Teach My Child!

13 Best Ideas To Handle Your Kid’s Temper Tantrums

More than 250 preschool themes for you to choose from when planning out your preschooler's year

The Ultimate List of Preschool Themes

When children ignore us and break our rules, it's easy to not lose our minds! Here's a way to get them to listen so that we don't have to YELL!!

Stop Yelling:: When Staying Calm Isn't Enough - Dirt and Boogers

Lev Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory-- Scaffolding & Zone of proximal development (ZPD)

Meet A Theorist: Lev Vygotsky - Mind Like Child

Messy Play as featured on the Toddler & Preschooler Pinning Party

Messy Play & Pinning Party - The Chaos and the Clutter

DIY Mix and Match Magnetic Robots! Create a crazy version of Mr. Potato Head for your kiddos from Fun at Home with Kids

Mix and Match Recycled Robots

Threading Felt Squares

Busy Basket of Activities for Road Trips | learning 4 kids

A tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle with 7 specific pieces that fit perfectly together to form a square. I’ve found that tangrams are excellent ...

FREE Tangram Polygon Explorations

What a fun craft using a paper plate! (Summer Crafts for Kids: Fine Motor Sun Craft) ~ Buggy and Buddy

Fine Motor Sun Craft for Kids - Buggy and Buddy

Summer Activities for Kids from Fantastic Fun and Learning...get ready for your best summer yet!

Summer Activities for Kids - Fantastic Fun & Learning