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flat stomach... flat stomach.... flat stomach

If you want a body like a dancer, try this 10 min. ballet inspired workout.

Drop a Jean Size Workout.I did this workout 3 days a week last year and not only did I drop a jean size, but I kept it off. I highly recommend this workout and just about any workout that comes from Fitness Magazine. Their workouts are reliable and will give you results.

Check out this awesome 5 Day Workout Plan: Total Body Blast

a workout to help you get the toned legs of a dancer. pair this with a lot of stretching and you should notice a difference, especially in your calves, pretty quickly.

Brazilian Butt Workout: A 5-minute express workout to tighten your butt

do this every day until it hurts less :) Try This 10 min Intense Full-Body CrossFit Workout. it is only 4 moves! but they kill.

Top Butt Exercises - holy moly!

8 Exercises for hips!!! This area is a problematic spot for women

the-exercist: Active Cat Target Muscles: glutes, abdominals Set Up:  Start on all fours, with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees close together. Action: As you inhale, lift your chest and extend your right leg behind you, reaching your foot up toward the ceiling [A]; as you exhale, round your spine and draw your right knee in toward your chest, trying to touch your knee to your forehead [B]. Continue, moving smoothly with your breath. Perform 12 to 15 reps before switching sides.