"Tiled Shower Cubbies~his and her sides get rid of the clutter" Perfect that this is behind the showerhead. It won't get super wet or melt bar soap too fast.

Tub inside the shower (And double showerhead!) No worries about splashing and can rinse off as you get out.

...Open attic. This is amazing!

Secret pantry - looks like regular kitchen cupboard doors, takes you to another room, the pantry!

No need to set down that heavy laundry basket. Breeze right through laundry day by adding a swinging door instead of a traditional one.

Tree House: Guest room or study. So cool

tub in shower-kids can splash and swim as much as they want! This is a brilliant idea for adults too. Whenever I take a bubble bath I end up wanting to shower off at the end. This way you can just step out of the tub and shower off.---- genius. If I ever build a house it will have this.

Love the look of this desk area recessed into the wall space!

Laundry room island. Place to fold on top, baskets to put folded laundry in (a basket for each member of the family). Why haven't we seen more of these. It's genius.

pop up hidden outlets! This SHOULD be a must-have in every kitchen...AND, bathroom!

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