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DIY = Scrap Jersey Fabric + Lace Scrap + Sewing Machine. Could fit this to my head and eliminate the horrible headaches I get!

This smiley face was made with invisible ink. The face became visible when the paper was heated.

The Cake I Want For My Birthday, Though I'd rather it be hundreds instead of ones, lol

The Cake I Want For My Birthday

Baby child footprints and handprints DIY handpainted on bisque pottery. This is our own-brand heart pottery plate. We have used Duncan EZ One Stroke Underglaze (as this really shows the lifelines in the prints) and for the writing we used Duncan French Dimensional underglaze.

After being tortured by seeing all the "diy plates" with sharpies, I feel honor bound to post that you really should be using a Pebeo Porcelaine 150 pen. Seriously, this is what we use and sell at work-- don't use sharpies people!

DIY photo canvas. I did all 3 for less than $20!!-- This is super easy and such a great addition to our hallway!

Hearts tree with handprint (trace or paint) for Valentine's Day. Great, simple craft for all ages of kids.

dyed, since you can NEVER find plain colored ones! Great way to cover up stains on white ones!!!

♥ DIY Instagram Coasters make great personalized gifts! super cute

"This is how you create a Teddy Bear from a sock" This is cute; however, it looks time intensive. If I spend that much time making a sock bear- i'm using a NEW cute sock... jus sayin... life's too short to stitch on old socks. Yes, Granma taught me how to darn a sock- and its got to be one heck of a special sock for me to save it with a needle!

gloves made by old socks

bunny crafts with old socks

Plastic Bag Transfers: use plastic shopping bags images and iron them on kids clothes to cover stains or just for fun. #DIY #kids #recycle