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Viandas con bacalao,P.R.

nothing against Mexicans...just don't assume every hispanic person is one!

pasteles=Christmas (unless I'm in the Dominican than they equal Amables)

Mofongo...Puerto Rican deliciousness.

Puerto Rican recipes

Puerto Rican Rellenos. To. Die. For.

Sofrito: Puerto Rican sauce

Puerto Rican cave, valley

Bacalaitos (puerto rican)

puerto rican coffee made with love

...Alcapurrias.....! Heavenly Puerto Rican cuisine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beef and rice empanadas Puerto Rican style

give me puerto rican food of any kind - nice for fall

Mofongo and other Puerto Rican recipes in ENGLISH - yep!!

Loved the tour of El Morro and going there at night with my Puerto Rican beau of a host ;)

Puerto Rican meal of pork chops, fried plantains and rican rice

Jibaritos, a Chicago specialty with Puerto Rican roots, is a sandwich where fried plantains replace the bread. Blue Plate's is open-faced and includes fried chicken and garlic aioli.