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LOVE THESE DECORATIVE WALL HANGINGS! create 3 symmetrical radial designs on 6x6" sketch paper, later transfer designs onto 36-gauge aluminum and use tools to emboss them. Black India ink was painted onto the surface of the embossed metal and later buffed away using steel wool. Use wire to hang the three pieces together and added small craft mirrors to each one to create the final decorative wall hanging (From The Calvert Canvas: School Art Camp)

INSIDE THE ART ROOM blog: school auction mural made from two-tone foil squares.

5/6th grade Jim Dine idea. Tooling Foil and line designs. Like it.

under the sea repousee

HANDCRAFTED FOIL FRAME: Make this beautiful frame from tin foil.

Metal/Drawing transfer. No special tools needed, except felt or other cushion under foil to transfer image

I use the foam sheets when we do metal tooling. The perfect resistance to pressure and great when we use we don't leak through.

Artsonia Art Exhibit :: 5th Grade Metal Tooling

Cardboard, yarn, foil, and permanent markers. The kids love this!

She inspired me to have the kids go back over their original design with more glue and add yarn for more elevated designs. We then used spray adhesive and laid foil over the top. They pressed the foil down around their yarn pieces to create that embossed look. Lastly, they used colored Sharpies to color the recessed areas and left the embossed "lines" silver.

aztec suns, gold foil. no special tools needed, except felt or other cushion under foild to transfer image