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CCSS Unit 3 Friendship

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Spiders as Both Science and Snack? Follow this Tutorial for the Cutest of BOTH! {Sulia article with additional links}

This heart-warming animal odd couple shows that love truly is blind! A blind boxer named Baks got a whole new lease on life thanks to a goose named Buttons. The goose leads Baks around everywhere either by hanging onto him with her neck, or by honking to tell him which way to go.

Elephant refuge and sanctuary for "rescued" circus and zoo elephants in Hohenwald, TN. They roam free and in pairs with the ones they love. Tarra is an elephant whose best friend is a dog named Bella. Watch videos on their website.

After a natural disaster, which resulted in the loss of his family, a baby hippo named Owen is taken to a zoo, where he and Mzee the tortoise form an unusual friendship. J599.63 EDW