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“Please do a good deed, whatever it may be. Then pass this card to that person and tell them to do the same thing ... pay it forward.” Potential community service idea - each girl does a good deed and passes the card along so the project keeps going beyond GOTR!

Mom and Son Pay It Forward With Daily Good Deeds

Tips to help students who have trouble finishing their work. I can think of so many kids this would help!

What a great way to organize headphones for your classroom!

inspire. love. learn.: iPad Mgmt

Painters tape, then double stick tape to hang posters and such without peeling paint off walls or putting thumbtack holes in walls. SUCH a clever idea!

the double stick/painters tape trick - Picnics Under the Moon

Negative into a Positive

14 Mac Hacks That Will Change The Way You Use Your Computer

North Carolina's fabulous "Unpacking the CCSS" - for each standard (Math & ELA, at each grade level!), they provide explanations and examples of what instruction for that standard actually looks like. (Free)

If you make your own things for your classroom, this little tip will help make it a bit quicker... Center your text with a quick keyboard shortcut! Works in PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher!

wonderful classroom design ideas - tons of pictures for all parts of your room!

Original Pinner said: "This morning I walked into a fifth grade classroom and they were singing the song "What I Am" by Will.i.Am. And Yes, it's a song he sang on Sesame Street. But these fifth graders were LOVING it. Their teacher told me this was their new theme song. Let me tell you....all the kids were standing up and singing this song LOUD and with hand movements. It was so awesome because I could see how much they BELIEVED the words to this song."

Master Copies Binder: So much easier than shoving everything in a filing cabinet

Go to this website and you can set an alarm(s) to come on and play a song of your choosing on your computer. I set mine for Monday - Friday at the times we get ready for special areas, for lunch, and to go home. This could also be used for subject transitions.

No more kids standing at the crayon box digging for 20 minutes to find a color they need!

Tell your class not to make the balls bounce to keep the noise level down. Many classroom management ideas.