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Francois Arnaud

François Arnaud (born François Barbeau; July 5, 1985) is a Canadian television, stage and film actor. He is best known for his performances as Cesare Borgia in Showtime's TV series The Borgias, and as Antonin in the French Canadian movie J'ai tué ma mère. In Quebec, he is known for his role as Théo in the TV series Yamaska. In 2010, he received a VFCC Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Canadian Film for "I Killed My Mother" which rec'd an 8 minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival.

Cesare was a man of considerable guile, daring and psychological acumen. His behavior was often that of an inhuman monster, both in his depravities and his pursuit of his vast ambitions: he would stop at nothing. Yet he was also a superb exemplar of Renaissance man. Charismatic, handsome, highly intelligent and well versed in the classics, he cut a superb figure in the courts of Italy and France. Here was a man who could be as magnetic in his charm as he could be terrifying in his evil.

The Borgias

Francois Arnaud as Cesare in The Borgias

The Borgias :. Forbidden by on @deviantART

The Borgias :. Forbidden by RafkinsWarning on deviantART

Il Valentinos and Micheletto

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Francois on set of one of his recent films.

Cardinal Cesare Borgia....*sigh*

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Francois Arnaud stars in upcoming movie "Amapola"

François Arnaud photographed by Rainer Hosch for...

Blessed be François Arnaud

Save the Borgias - Francois Arnaud and David Oakes lol

Francois Arnaud Joining Maggie Q in 'Red Flag' Miniseries. Q has long been attached to the lead role of Ching Shih in the miniseries, which follows the notorious Chinese prostitute turned pirate and crime boss who ultimately commanded 100,000 sailors and 1500-plus vessels. Arnaud is lining up the role of Carlito, a Portuguese pirate and bounty hunter tasked with killing her, but of course he falls for her and becomes her lover instead. Filming is set to begin this fall in Malaysia.