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Someday I Will Build A House By the Sea

This is going to be my house. It will be along the coast. When you come there you have to take your shoes off at the front door (that might be the only rule).

We'll mostly walk, unless we ride.

Le jardin de Juliette: Washi tape car track

There will be a warming drawer. What's a beach house without fresh baked bread?

When I look out the kitchen window, I'll remember being a little girl alone on a swing, kicking hard with a made up song in my heart -- This is what I want for my babies.

The light will be natural, and all day - unless it is art - which it will be, sometimes.

2010-2011 Dream Garden Awards

There will be a 'sea-creature' garden. Why should we have to leave the tide pools behind?

You'll be able to reach a great book from anywhere you find yourself taking a moment to dream.

PaperCity | The Museum Director & the Computer Whiz | Slideshow

We'll know that nothing is impossible at the house by the sea.

And we'll always be one secret hide away and a hidden passage away from a cocktail.

This is the gate on the little path to my art studio.

The colors will be saturated and the walls will abound with stars.

The House by the Sea will be full of ingenuity and whimsy - chock full of that stuff.

The Ombre wall will remind you to go big.