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Stuffed Dates Re-Invented! (Easy to follow instructions with pics!) #recipe #dates

Stuffed Dates Re-Invented!



Caprese Salad. (Tomatoes, Basil, balsamic vinegar reduction, a drizzle of olive oil, sea salt, and my house pepper flakes.) Yummy. Quintessential summer fare.

Happy 4th of July!

DIY Pepper Flakes ~ Easily turn seasonal, fresh garden peppers into dehydrated pepper flakes to use all year!

Pepper is in the Air 'Round Here

TURNIP FRIES!! (Baked Turnips that look and taste like French Fries!) #cleaneating #vegetable #turnip

Sriracha Fig Jam Wings! Sriracha Fig Jam Wings: Is there anything better than sweet and heat meets meat? Mmmmmmm!! I let my chicken wings marinate all day, coated first in a dry Sriracha seasoning and then slathered generously in a blend of fig preserves and more Sriracha seasoning! Then, this evening baked them to perfection at 375*F! Soooo yummmmm!

Sriracha Brussel Sprouts!

Yep, like all of y’all, I serve wings, little sandwiches, chips & dips, and more as snack foods for the hubby while he watches football throughout the season, and I also serve spiced edamame. There are a variety of ways to season soybeans (a.k.a. Edamame) when roasting. Garlic and parmesan is pretty popular and so is this 6 season blend. My husband, Mitch, and our daughters LOVE the spiced, roasted Edamame! Here’s how I served it, today, during the Arkansas/Ole Miss game:

Fritters!! Fried Batter coating Pickles and Onions! (So simple. Totally indulgent snack or side item.) Love 'em!

Fig, Rosemary, Goat Cheese, Balsamic, & Honey in a pastry shell. OMG. crazy yumminess! :) ~Amber


"Favorite, Easy Chicken!" ::: just dip raw chicken in sauce, then crushed Fried onions, then bake! ::: YUM!

Asian Style Pork Tenderloin and EDAMAME! (Young Soybeans)

Broccoli Salad :: Sweet & Tangy :: "An oldie, but a goodie!"

Hummus! Hummus! Hummus! Plus, herb infused olive oil and roasted garlic. Three recipes in one post! YUM!

Easy appetizers! Great for parties! Simple finger food with no knife and fork required, plus they look great = win. win. Love 'em!!

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