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Interval training in the pool is a great way to give your body a break from your regular workouts and stress on your muscles. Read more here!

Motivation ... not just for a flat belly for Bikini season but for better health and fitness all year

Start This Now For a Flat Belly by Bikini Season


I can do these... Three fitness moves to attack that muffin from the top, bottom and the middle

20 Delicious Protein Powder Recipes That Are Not Shakes {}

Curious about cleansing? Check out this Juice Cleanse & Detox Blog

your achy knees while running may be due to weak hips. Strengthen the hips and running may be enjoyable again... not to mention these exercises help shrink your hips

Skinny Mom put together meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are 300 calories. Perfect for weight loss. We also explain the importance of eating 300 calories per meal so you have room for snacks.

want a butt!? nice back?! arms?! this website tells you what exercises to do to target these areas

I actually had a running store show me how to do this and it made a huge difference - How to tie your running shoes to fit your feet better. a podiatrist showed her this trick! wow - the high arches, vs. wide foot tie is fantastic. So many different ties! Pin now, read later...

8 Minute Yoga for Better Sleep--great bedtime routine...

Beautiful Back Workout for All Fitness Levels!

lifestyle eating tips. I do a lot of this which has has helped me lose a lot of weight ESP the one going to bed hungry ... I tend to lose weight faster that way (:

This is literally the most useful diet article I've ever read in my entire life (and I've read A LOT). Written by a nutritional biochemist; what to eat, when and how much. So, SO helpful.

detox water - helps you maintain a flat belly, 2 lemons, 1/2 cucumber, 10-12 mint leaves, and 3qts water fuse overnight to create a natural detox, helping to flush impurities out of your system. awesome pin - Wedding Day Pins