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Are you an Authentic Messenger who has a burning passion deep down to help others and impact the world for better? Learn 7 truths to correct your mindset course and serve as an “ah ha.” insightfuldevelop...

Reconnect with Your WHY and Experience a Profitable and Inspiring Next Quarter in Your Business

September Book Market Research Contest --> First, thank you to everyone who expressed interest in helping to offer assistance in market research for this book I am writing. Click the link below for official rules, details and prizes. We start today and I'm just got send out questions any 'ole time I feel like it. Stay tuned and thank you again! :)

Last night I attend AuthorU‘s event at the Tattered Cover bookstore. Dr. Judith Briles taught us about book signings and how to get more book sales in general. Today I wanted to share with you my takeaways from her sharing,"9 Keys to Be a Successful Author and Entrepreneur." I think you'll get a lot out of it. Click the link below and take a quick scan then let me know your greatest insight! insightfuldevelop...

Are You Worthy? I laughed as I typed the title of today’s blog, because all I could see is that scene in Wayne’s World where Mike Myers and Dana Carver chant, “We’re not worthy!” as they bow down to Alice Cooper. But here’s the thing: we are worthy Not because of anything we’ve achieved, nor because we’ve behaved a certain way. Worthiness is not a reward. Nor is it earned. We are born worthy. Likewise, we are born deserving of happiness–of having all that our hearts’ desire.

Reconstructing Eve is a fantastic book that will excite you, engage you and leave you wanting more!

In the summertime, it can be challenging for us to hold focus on work throughout the afternoons. We want to be outdoors playing, it's hot and we know there's a pile of things we *could* do, but just don't want to do. Check out my 5 tips to stay focused and get a ton done so that your reward is to go play! --> insightfuldevelop...

Are you at a place in your life where you’re ready to explode with personal and professional growth to the point where you’re sick of waiting for “the right time” and just want to friggin go out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Check out my thoughts on Brendon Burchard's new book "The Charge"... his free video content that will teach you how to perform at peak levels... and his upcoming High Performance Academy which is open for registration Thursday, May 10th!

Do you feel like you fall a little short each day on the things you want to accomplish and wish you could find a little more time? I say it's all in how efficient and organized you are during the day and that we can find pockets of time all over the place if we improve our efficiency. Learn my 5 keys by clicking the link below. Let me know your thoughts and what works for you!

Learn how to manage your creative ideas (and the overwhelm that comes with it) as an entrepreneur + learn the process for organization and execution of your ideas. You're invited to take the product creation pledge today! … Continue reading →

Learning to Accept and Respect Change -- When was the last time your alarm kicked on in the morning, you rolled over, and just couldn’t find it in you to bounce out of bed? When is the last time you felt you were preforming at your best in all areas of your life? Our attitude is so fragile that even the smallest of experiences can dramatically inspire our moods - this all comes back to "change" and how we deal with it. Today I invite you to read this article - really take it in - and let me know your opinion because I truly value them. ---> www.consciousdiva...

an absolute MUST!!! For an excerpt that will change your perspective forever: