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"Half Marathon Runner Passes Time On Her Run By Taking Selfies With Hot Guys" THIS. Is not a bad idea hahaha

Family Feud Answers.

Best host ever - 9GAG


What would you wish upon your enemies? -

Don't you fucking let us down, Josh


Harry Potter meets Mean Girls meme Perfection haha

funny harry potter pictures

Random Funny Pictures - 35 Pics

poor thing.

Emma Watson’s Crush…

AWESOME....but I don't want to be a pureblood

I Waste So Much Time

What if food told you the truth

What if food told you the truth.

haha thats awesome

This. Is. Perfect.

Sneaky costume department…

These are great.

This is too adorable for words. This is exactly how I imagine Dean parenting a child. I just want to squeeze Jensen for being so adorable.

They can fight demons, but can’t take care of a baby…

Funny Tumblr Posts

Funny Tumblr Posts

30 DAY NAPPING CHALLENGE. I definitely have what it takes!


This is a common problem.

"I'd Agree With You" Rustic Wall Decor Box Sign

hahahahaha yes!

Mean girls

Who is Voldemort?

Oh so true!

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