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Common Core Measurement Stations for 1.MD1 and 1.MD.2! Can be used through the entire school year!

Measuring Madness {4 Common Core Aligned Measuring Activities}

Free Printable: Non Standard Measurement "I love _______ this much!"

Measuring in non-standard units: winter-themed activity (I'm gonna try this with laminated snowmen and flat "snowball" measuring units cut from cornstarch dough!)

Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Penguin Math

Measuring Area

Teach This Worksheets - Create and Customise your own worksheets

free printable non standard measurement math activities using cubes, paperclips and sticks

Joyful Learning In KC: Measurement In Kindergarten

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Measuring with Paper Clips

measure the room with non-standard measurement --- great for workstations

First Grade Garden: Search results for measure the room

Using standard and non-standard units of measurement to determine a T-Rex's stride!

A day in first grade: Dinos!

Teacher Mama: How Tall is a Penguin?

Teacher Mama: How Tall is a Penguin? - Boy Mama Teacher Mama

This Find Someone Who math game is a fun way to review math skills with the entire class or a small group. This product is a measurement record she...

This 6-page center can give your students hands-on practice with measuring objects using inches. The measurements include whole, half, and quarter...

FREE Measurement Center (Inches - whole, half, quarter)

Use Cheez-Its to teach area & perimeter

Needling Grace: Spring Fever, Lockdown, and Student Work

Kim Adsit's math products. This product includes story problems and 10 measurement activities. They are adorable!

Collection of measurement activities for elementary kids

FREE! This is a non-standard measurement activity. I use it to review with my students before going into our measurement activities! Enjoy!...

Measurement Freebie!