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Media nowadays teaches parents that they can help their child by giving aspirin or other fever-reducing medicines in order to “break” a fever. For a mild fever, this can do more harm than good; it suppresses the production of antibodies, which makes the body more hospitable to invaders. But, if your little one’s fever is just too high, consider… egg whites.

{5 Year Journal} Every mom has at some point said: "I should write that down!" in reference to hysterical things her kids have said. This 5 year journal provides 5 lines per day, just enough space to write that funny quote of the day or milestone reached. This is the perfect stocking stuffer or thoughtful gift for a new mom or friend with chatty children.

Finding Encouragement Through God’s Word For Moms --- God’s Word is alive and active.  It is a manual for life, our guide to knowing God and how to live like Him.  Bible verses are a powerful resource that increase our faith, encourage our confidence, and bring […]… Read More Here #marriage #love

Random acts of kindness-this could be a really fun thing to do with the kids!

ADHD causes kids to have trouble focusing their attention, moderating their activity level, and controlling impulsive behavior. You can find relief for children with this condition by visiting the top blogs on ADHD.

Despicable Me 2: Pumpkin Carving Templates

Monster's for your kids to color - I love that they can add their own eyes

30 kids jokes that will keep the whole family laughing! Funny, silly, HAPPY!

A simple method for teaching children to pray for themselves and others. You can even use this method with toddlers.

10 Ways to be a better mom everyday. Read. Then read again. Repeat every few weeks! :)

Love & Logic: Change the wording of what you ask the kids to do and become more effective. This is true of working with adults as well.. It's all perspective. Change accusatory you statements, into action-packed I-statements and foster results

Give kids a "Secret Service" mission. Tell them for 1 week, they have to do something for someone else without "blowing their cover." A fun, interactive way to get kids serving others.

Kinzie's Kreations: Valentines 2013. "Sip-Sip" Hooray! It's Valentines Day! Free printable for this fun valentine.

MUST PIN! Fantastic list of kids books that teach great lessons. For those hectic days when story time might be the only time the kiddos actually learn something!

The boy who was raised without toys. This website has some super good ideas! It talks about how less toys for children - espcially electronic ones- can aid them in their development and keep them more easily occupied and content ♥ Interesting!

Best way to teach a toddler how to read. Easy to teach lessons (the book has the "script" for parents and all phonics/research based skill building.

Toddler teach at home packets - lots of different packets available for free download at this site. I will be using these for my little guy during our summer off together!!

My fall bucket list of 2013! - Im obsessed with making bucket lists lately haha!! Cute fall ideas!