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So much harder than it looks. Love it! 7 exercises that will have you losing 2 lbs. a week. Do it three times a week, on alternating days, to tighten up everywhere. At the end of the slide show there's and option to watch a video to see how to do each exercise. Awesome. I have a wall! This sequence is legit!!

"Mother's Apron" ... "Marsupial Pouch" ... "Muffin Top" -- BE GONE! TOP 5 FAVORITE AB MOVES & TOP 5 NUTRITION TIPS for BANISHING your MOMMY BELLY and Losing that NASTY Lower Ab-Flab ... FOR GOOD!

Lose around 6 lbs / 10 inches off your waist in two weeks (the most successful participants lost 12 lbs / 22 inches)

  • Amelia Faulstick

    did this one today...the walking part was pretty good..the plan A exercises i dont feel there is enough reps

Her work outs are fatal, but never more than 20 minutes long.... Lots of success stories and very fast results.