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I wonder if I get these color clothes it will really look better than just any color.

7 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet #theeverygirl

  • Amanda L.

    I found it easier to get rid of things when all the wash was done. It's easier to part with 2 black shirts when you see that you have 12 of them. :) I have some thoughts on a minimalist wardrobe, if you are interested.

50 things every woman must own? "1. oversized sweater 2. oxford shirt 3. ballet flats 4. embellished top 5. chambray top 6. maxi dress 7. versatile scarf 8. sentimental jewelry 9. trench coat 10. little black dress 11. a signature manicure 12. something outrageous 13. a carryall bag 14. sunglasses 15. cropped black pants 16. knee high boots 17. well-fitting jeans 18. everyday flats..."