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c. 1935 ANDREW GELLER, New York Bordeaux Serge Fabric Shoes Trimmed in Alligator ~ i love these shoes! What classic style! ~ NMB ~

Antique Dress - Item for Sale

vintage 1930s shoes / art deco shoes/ Gatsby Brunch by Dronning, $128.00

Fintage Fashion Show: Burgundy and white

American Duchess "Claremont" 1930s oxfords, a historical repro based on a late 30s Rosenthal and Doucette sample in the London College of Fashion Shoe Collection

Claremont 1930s Oxfords (Brown)

Ridiculously gorgeous women’s red openwork oxfords by Walk-Over, 1927-1930.

Shoe, 1936. Sarkis Der Balian. Musée International de la Chaussure.

Fintage - fab styling

From Fab Gabs Vintage - 1930s shoe ad, YUMMY

FabGabs Vintage September Preview - love the shaping on these, also the fabric, but would look nice in any fabric or leather. 1930s

FabGabs Vintage September Preview - not 100% sure of the date, but definitely have the 30s vibe.

Gentle Souls Rem Emberme at - these have a vintage feel, $164.99 on sale (were $235.00)

Shoe-Icons / Shoes / White Leather Perforated Lace-up Shoes

1930s pumps , excellent design!

not sure if these are a repro or vintage, but they have that 1930s swagger