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Mike Hopkins‏ - @AstroIllini - December 2013 space walk - International Space Station. And he says: "Wow...can't believe that is me yesterday. Wish I could find the words to describe the experience, truly amazing"

Innovation of the Year -- 2013 -- the Orion spacecraft, powered on for the first time. This one is going to take astronauts further into space than we have ever been before!

IRIS Solar Observatory for NASA launched by a Pegagus rocket (Orbital Sciences Corp); launched with three ATK solid rocket motors.

Space Launch System Launch - artist concept

Space Launch System (SLS) Artist Concepts

Technicians and engineers at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California mate the Pegasus XL rocket with the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, or IRIS, solar observatory to the Orbital Sciences L-1011 carrier aircraft.