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Tourmaline and Quartz.

Elbaite ~ As a gemstone, elbaite is a desirable member of the tourmaline group because of the variety and depth of its colours and quality of the crystals. Originally discovered on the island of Elba, Italy in 1913, it has since been found in many parts of the world. In 1994, a major locality was discovered in Canada, at O'Grady Lakes in the Yukon.

Stibnite (Antimony Sulfur). Jiujiang Prefecture, Jiangxi Province, China

Rhodochrosite from Uchucchacua Mine, Oyon Prov., Peru

Vibrant pink Kunzite with Quartz points and Albite accenting. This beautiful specimen is doubley terminated and the Quartz crystal is nearly pristine with a full point. The color of the Kunzite is quite strong (so many large Kunzites tend to be pale) and the crystal faces are well striated and glassy. There are the normal internal craze lines and the bottom termination is complex due to the influence of Albite matrix (now removed)

Beryl var. Aquamarine / Braldu Valley, Pakistan