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Getting ready for Halloween? Here are some amazing makeup inspirations for your spooky pleasure! www.themakeupblog...

35 Halloween Costumes and Make-up Ideas from true horror stories

75+ fantastic Halloween or dress up costume tutorials #DIY #costume #tutorial #halloween

75+ DIY Halloween Costume Tutorials Roundup

halloweencrafts: DIY Halloween Animal Ear Hair Clips Tutorial and PDF Pattern from Gleeful Things here. You could make these in any shape and add a hair clip.

Gorgeous masks for Halloween. Handmade of course.

Children's Masks for Halloween

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN MERMAID TAIL Not sure I'll ever need this information, but you never know. Best to be prepared. mermaid couture

How to make a mermaid tail | Stretch fabrics

Ahahaha! Excellent!

They Rock N' Roll All Night, With Wine and Cheese

book-fairy... OMG I love it!!

Super Geek! | thiscityslungs: "Diction-fairy"

Creative Halloween Costumes: Hostess lady and her Twinkies

Kids' Funny Halloween Costumes

Hilarious costume!

How To Make a Toothless Dragon Costume from a sweatsuit! - A Tried & True Project for Halloween

How To Make a Dragon Costume From a Sweatsuit! - Tried & True

Think about what your Halloween costume says about you.

  • LeAnn Dickman

    If u really were Native American, you would say I'm a proud member of the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians or the like.Not a generic I'm Indian and I don't find this offense to some proud Native Americans is extremely disrespectful.

  • Trina Waller

    It no ones business what tribe I am from. Im also Hawaiian but I dont get my panties in a twist if someone wears a hula skirt. I am a proud American first and foremost.

  • Carolyn Sanderson Harding

    Well I totally do not find this offensive at all. Its a costume. I think people read more into things then they should. As kids we dressed up like Cowboys and Indians. Were we racist then? I think not! And also I am a Proud member of The Hopi Tribe.

  • Cindy Roman

    @ LeeAnn....You are absolutely wrong on so many levels. Your statement is one of the problems in our society and in America. We find it necessary to label everyone or to over sensitize all the races of Americans. When someone is from Irish heritage must people state " I am from Irish Heritage, from the County of whatever, in Dublin" or I am from German Heritage, from the town of Schrumsburg, blah blah...... Oh by the way, I am a proud, direct descendant of Peter the Great, King of the Nansemond Indians, who were part of the Powhatan Tribal Nation, in the beautiful state of Virginia. It still does not offend me.... Does that make you feel better?? *Thank you to, Trina Waller and Carolyn Harding for your input and help in attempting to educate people on what or what should not offend Native Americans...etc. I could go and add what does offend us but it is not necessary to go so deep on a forum about Halloween Costumes....Dressing up for Halloween is for having fun and having the ability to be something you may not be during the year.... PERIOD. PS.....HAPPY HALLOWEEN ;0)

  • Shirley Hazlett

    Really? Can blackface and KKK robes be far behind?

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30 Beautiful Expressive Portraits | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration & Tutorials - Great starting point for portrait assignment next year.

30 Beautiful Expressive Portraits

Love her makeup and head piece

lilcammo93: Mother Nature Inspired Makeup

Mother Nature Makeup

Mother Nature Makeup

beautiful phto shoot mother nature makeup

Mother Nature, love the makeup and flowers in her hair is gorgeous