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exit ticket on a sticky note and stick it on the door on the way out for a quick assessment of understanding.

Why You Should Never Ask 'Do You Understand': 6 Tips to Help You Check Comprehension

CO-TEACHING: Things teachers can discuss to keep the co-teaching partnership on the upward swing.

This Marzano Scale is perfect for the little ones! It's cute, and simple to understand. Posters and bookmarks are included. Matches my hand signals clipart :). Just print, laminate, and post. Your administrators will love that you have a Marzano Scale posted in your classroom! Soon to come in Spanish! Created by Alma Almazan

Treasure rocks. Coffee grounds, sand, salt, flour, and water. Bake your treasures inside. Perfect for fossil lesson.

I wish i had seen this pin 6 weeks ago!!! Everything a new teacher could possibly want.. all organized so neatly into a website. And it's all FREEEE! This teacher rocks!

Teacher Discount: The Complete List of 66 Teacher Discounts

An Educator's Guide to Creating Learning Spaces in Small Places...Beautiful photos & so many ideas!

PDF to Word document is a fantastically simple site that allows you do do just what the url suggests: Convert PDF documents to fully editable Word documents. You simple go to the site, upload your pdf, select either .doc or .rtf, enter your email and click convert. PDF to Word then emails you the word file upon completion. There is no sign up necessary and the turn-around time is approximately 10 minutes.

Stickers on the dice all have a b or a d -- great activity to force kids to attend to letter shape when reading b/d and writing/tracing b/d

When you say "fist to five check" students rate their understanding by holding up the appropriate number of fingers. The goal is for everyone to be in the green. Great way for students to self-assess their understanding and help you to gauge student understanding.