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making these.

Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

A craft I plan to do with my girls this month... painted terracotta pots, inverted and turned into a birdbath.

Fun Garden Ideas - 38 Pics

Love the "10 Years Later" want to do at 20 years!! can you imagine? :)

Diaper Babies- made w/ newborn diaper, wash cloths, & socks

Put stickers down first on the mug. Dot all over with a Sharpie, then peel off the stickers before putting the mug in the oven!

a babysitter's dream: recipes for moon sand, flubber, sidewalk paint, window paint, play dough, shaving cream paint, bubbles, and more.

"Technology Tickets". Each Sunday give the kids 10 tickets. Each ticket = 30 minutes of t.v., game system, computer, etc. Tickets can be used consecutively, but when they are out they are out for the week. **Love this idea!!!** Loss of ticket for consequences - talking back, fighting, etc.

Put drops of acrylic paint inside clear bulbs, then shake. So beautiful!

I love, love, love this!!! Gonna hopefully do this evening! Can't wait to add the new baby next year! {hand collage} This is a very sweet idea. It would also be a cool family gift to give. A hand print from mom, dad ,and child together saying something like, "You've touched our hearts." So many possibilities!

this is seriously the best website i have ever seen for fun creative things to do with ur kids n they show u how to make stuff with very inexpensive things!! im so tryin this stuff!!

This website puts your words, favorite song lyrics, vows, ect into a picture