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Law's birth date tatooed on wrist

get a tattoo of any important date, like marriage, baby's birthday, ect.

Femke & Renaud for Dwell magazine | Frederik Vercruysse photographer

I know places that make the rainy days seem so bright

Small Bee Tattoo "The diligence of the hive produces the wealth of honey."

Vege illustration using Copic markers

gift guide: urban gardener | gardenista

Triangle representing Holy Trinity. Three signifies completion or perfection, and unity. The number 3 is in the Bible many times. Plus I am obsessed with the symbol of the triangle. The orientation of a triangle can be important to it's meaning. For example, a point-up triangle might represent a strong foundation or stability, as it is rooted to the ground through a solid base. Point-up triangles can also represent ascension toward the spiritual world.

Antique Print of a Fern--I've always liked this as a tattoo idea

18th Century Botanical Print | Vintage Botanical Print by Prestele of by GalleryBotanica