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Science Stuff

Science and Nature Unite!!

Clematis Purple flower...amazing


colourful Hummingbird

OMG. This is freaking awesome!

Baby Stingray

Zoisite, var. Tanzanite Crystal - from

Giant Swirl Phenomenon, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Weighing 138.7 carats, the Rosser Reeves Ruby is one of the world's largest and finest star rubies because it is not only clearer and more translucent that the Delong Star, but also possesses a sharp six-rayed star. This Sri Lankan stone is renowned for its great color and well-defined star pattern.

Rosser Reeves Star Ruby

Blue Orange bouquet -- dang it! Why didn't I do this ten years ago?!? Missed opportunity to bronco up my wedding.

The most beautiful mess in the world is when the jacaranda petals fall.

Soo pretty

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites


Papaver Black Peony

All cats like boxes

blackberry punch calibrachoa

Seems a bit like Darth Vader. "Luke I am your flower."

Beautiful Daylillies

Blue Cymbidim Orchid