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This 1941 Soviet war poster by Victor Ivanov reads "For the Motherland, For Honor, For Victory!"

The meeting of the rails at Promontory Point. Utah. May 10, 1869.

Victorian ladies inside the Crystal Palace. The Crystal Palace is a metal and glass structure located in the Jardines del Retiro in Madrid (Spain). It was built in 1887 for the Exposition of the Philippines, held that year. It was inspired by the Crystal Palace, Paxton (U.K.).

Portrait of Lady Jane Grey, from an engraving by W. Holl.

1907-9 evening dress queen maude of norway

Circa 1880 Dress. Chocolate brown silk polonaise bodice dips at the sides to drape and form back bustle. Ten crochet ball buttons, embroidered lace cuffs, tan cotton lining. Cream silk twill skirt with tiny brown floral print, square insert in back of solid brown and bustle ties.

The personal badges of all 6 queens of Henry VIII

i love bunnys way to much

Dress - c. 1935 - by Bergdorf Goodman (American, founded 1899) - Silk - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Edwardian gowns, ca 1900

The woman’s barrack at Auschwitz as it was seen immediately upon liberation by the Soviets, 27 Jan 1945

Viking woman’s knives

Czech citizens having to greet invading German troops, October 1938. This photo just haunts me.

July 1940. Berrien County, Michigan. "Migrant mother of family from Arkansas in roadside camp of cherry pickers."

Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, parents of Henry VIII. Their marriage united the Houses of York and Lancaster. Her parents were King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. By marrying into the "enemie's" family, Henry hoped to instill unity and acceptance.

WWII German Soldier in A Gas Mask...Just slightly creepy looking...

Antique French mother of pearl and ormolu perfume bottle beautiful!

Titanic Passengers On Deck

ORIGINAL CAPTION: " "Aryan" women who were the mothers of "child-rich" families were given extra food, home help, and holidays. They were even awarded medals. A German mother who has just received the Mother's Cross pushes a baby carriage, accompanied by two of her older children in their Hitler Youth and League of German Girls uniforms. Berlin, Germany, 1942."