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"Just Playing"

A collection of posts highlighting children's play from the weekly "Just Playing" blog hop. Posts include a photo prompt and ask for your participation in identifying what is really going on. What learning is taking place? What skills are being practiced/acquired? Additional pins include research on the importance of play and posts that advocate for play!

Water balloons in the play pool - beat the heat with simple water play!

Growing Inch By Inch: "Just Playing" with Pompoms and Pails

Just playing with pebbles in a grate! From @MamasintheMaking

Just Playing? On the stage reading preschooler

Growing Inch By Inch: Just Playing: Messy Hands

little illuminations: "Just Playing?" Going Fishing Magnet Play

zella said purple: just playing? the easel as inspiration

Growing Inch By Inch: Just playing! at the table.

zella said purple: just playing? the power of a pen

little illuminations: "Just Playing?" : Building A Wall

zella said purple: just playing? climbing a block tower

little illuminations: "Just Playing?" Blog Hop: Cooking With Meatballs