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Simple centerpieces...all white, different flowers grouped together

sparkle spray painted branches and put in a vase- cheap, pretty, and clever:)

Tie cinnamon sticks around your candles. The heated cinnamon makes your house smell amazing. Can't wait to do this this fall!

Vanilla candle and Coffee. simple and smells simple

Use dollar glasses, rubber bands, and spray paint to make beautiful candle holders.

Stretch a rubber band around a cylindrical vase, then stick in candy canes until you can't see the vase. Tie a silky red ribbon to hide the rubber band. Fill with red and white roses or carnations... or cake pops? Or more candy? Or home-made cookies...? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

you can get the vases at Dollar Tree for $1 each. 3 bags of the rocks at $1 each, and the floating candles in a 6 pack for $2.99 at Hob Lob. With a super gorgeous orchid as the flower, in the colors of the wedding, you've got yourself a very pretty, and very thrifty centerpiece!

Lanterns; wrap punched paper around glass vases

flowers in clustered mason jars, held together with a ribbon