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'I really love hearing how stressful it is being a stay-at-home-mom' said no full-time working mother ever.

  • Jennifer Phillips

    I agree with many of the other comments. They are both stressful and difficult in different ways! Why can't we all just appreciate the hard work and stress SAHM and Working Moms go through daily?

  • Laci Green

    Nothing wrong at all with either side. I was saying that our job IS raising kids, while it is the daycare/babysitter's job to take care of working mom kids. Not that either way is right or wrong. Bc I know working moms do a great deal of care taking and house cleaning after their 8-5s. We are all moms and should be proud of each other and what we do. But I can tell you....the SAHM gig is NO walk in the park.

  • Lisa Bear

    I'm a SAHM. Hardest job I've ever had. It's 365/24/7. No breaks, no holidays. It's tough. But, I respect all the Moms who are full timers ANNND Moms! My bestie has 3 kids, 1 in the oven, full time job and a bratty husband to take care of! Amazing what women can do physically AND emotionally (SAHM)!!

  • Misty Wegner

    I've done both and agree they are equally difficult, for different reasons. Now bring a "house wife" with kids at school all day sounds like the money job ;)

  • Jolie Michalke Toenjes

    I'm a working mom and guess what? When I get a 'vacation' from work I am then a stay at home mom that week, so we don't get vacations either!

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All. The. Time.

So True! I get this question all the time!!!!

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Ahaha! That is hilarious! #80s #movie #meme