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Fraction Matching - hands-on math fun!

A tent card number line - she uses this with decimals, but I can see it being used for whole numbers, too! Great for teaching number sense and "distance" between 2 numbers.

Activities: Capture That Fraction..great for turning improper fractions into mixed numbers

Multiplying Fractions Groove Rap

How to divide fractions

An alternative method for adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. I've never seen this before, but very interesting!

Awesome posters to show side by side how to add/subtract fractions with common denominators

Artistry of Education: Decomposing Fractions Freebie

Multiplying fractions (part 1)…If you're not sure how to approach teaching this concept, or need a new approach, this is the perfect video for you!!!

Fractions-and- Food-Examples-Real-World-Example2

fine line between numerator and denominator

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Great blog post teaching students to use 1/2 as a benchmark fraction

Fractions Are Fun!

Musical Fractions activity- great way to connect the arts, science, and math!

Butterfly method for adding and subtracting fractions...genius! Why didn't someone teach me this way?

Mrs. Math Geek: 7th Grade Math Anchor Charts

Fruit Fractions -- animated maths lesson Fractions, equivalent fractions, improper/mixed fractions

Changing a Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction


Multiplying Fractions Groove Rap

Love this idea for showing equivalent fractions using paper folding! This would be great for an interactive notebook.

Fraction Lesson: teach your class fractions with Math Man...Love the museum method!!!!!

Multiplying Fractions Anchor Chart

Multiplying Fractions with area models. Use tracing paper to combine two fractions!