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Sherlock is always so awesome and self-assured through most of the series. It was nice to see him confused and unsure about things in this episode!

Has it ever crossed your brilliant mind that I don't want to do this anymore?

Ever think about trying to get in shape like a superhero? Well, if you can't find a radioactive spider or mutant gene, you're gonna have to do it the hard way Luckily, Neila Rey has developed this awesomely nerdy workout routines so you can get ripped like your favorite heroes.

The interview will be critically acclaimed, but get cancelled halfway through. But seriously....

Haha! I bet it would happen with a lot of them. Batman and Deadpool by Mike Kevan

Deadpool, Batman & A BOMB

An Amazing Bookmark For Gamers

An Amazing Bookmark For Gamers

"Good vs. Evil" series by J. Scott Campbell

J-Scott-Campbell (J. (Jeffery) "Scott" Campbell) on deviantART

Beauty and the Beast Disney

Disney Princess Fan Art: Beauty and the Beast

Zoe talks to Wash pretty much the same way I talk to Jon. #IWillGoDownWithThisShip

Magic the Gathering Scarf that I really would love! Some day i'll eventually master crocheting.

Worlds best analogy!!!!

Twitter / klasskramp: Detta:

Iron Man ink painting

How to discover your true love.

I knew she was the one

I will never not be mad at George RR Martin about this guy- he was my favorite.

These Two Belong To Each Other

Kingdom Hearts II cosplay - Saeru's Anti-form Sora at Anime Central by orgXIIIorg, via Flickr (This is awesome)