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Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins was the most prolific serial killer in South Carolina history. Once his brutality was unleashed, he knew no boundaries, torturing, killing, cannibalizing victims, both male and female. In his taped memoirs for the book, Final Truth by author Wilton Earl, Gaskins said, 'I have walked the same path as God, by taking lives and making others afraid, I became God's equal. Through killing others, I became my own master. Through my own power I come to my own redemption..'

Reverend James Warren "Jim" Jones (May 13, 1931 – November 18, 1978) was the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple, which is best known for the November 18, 1978 mass suicide of 909 Temple members in Jonestown, Guyana along with the killings of five other people at a nearby airstrip. Over 200 children were murdered at Jonestown, almost all of whom were forcibly made to ingest cyanide by the elite Temple members.

Jeffery Dahmer's crime scene photos

BTK Strangler Serial Killer - the Crime Scene Photos

Nannie Doss (November 4, 1905 – June 2, 1965) was a serial killer responsible for the deaths of eleven people between the 1920s and 1954. She finally confessed to the murders in October 1954, when her fifth husband had died in a small hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In all, it was revealed that she had killed four husbands, two children, her two sisters, her mother, a grandson and a nephew. She has been given the monikers "The Giggling Nanny", "The Giggling Granny" and "The Jolly Black Widow".

Yoo Young-chul is a South Korean serial killer who admitted to murdering 21 people, mostly prostitutes and wealthy old men. Yoo burned 3 and mutilated at least 11 of his victims, admitting he ate the livers of some. He committed his crimes between September 2003 and July 2004, when he was arrested. Yoo explained his motives, saying "Women shouldn't be sluts, and the rich should know what they've done." He was convicted of 20 murders & was sentenced to death.

Rare photo of Jane Bielawski and her doll "Missy". Following the suspicious deaths of some of her playmates in a NY tenement, police attempted to interview Jane.The young girl went crazy, accused her doll of the murders, & threw the doll out of her 5th floor apartment window while screaming, "Bad dolly! Naughty dolly!" Jane was taken to Bloomingdale Asylum to be treated for hysteria. She never left the institution, dying an old woman in 1968. What happened to the doll remains a mystery.

Dennis Nilsen This vicious and psycho serial killer killed at least fifteen men and boys between 1978 and 1983 and retained their corpses. He was eventually caught when someone complained of drain blockage. The drain cleaning company found that the drains were congested with human flesh and contacted the police. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was initially given a 25 years sentence which was later extended to whole life tariff.

Marti Enriqueta (?–1912) This self-styled witch kidnapped, sexually abused, and ritualistically butchered small children in Barcelona, Spain, in the early years of the twentieth century. She cannibalized her victims, boiled the leftovers for use as an ingredient in the “love potions” that she sold to local peasants. She was arrested & executed in 1912 after a young victim named Angelita who had been forced to eat human flesh while in captivityescaped from Enriqueta’s lair and alerted the police

David Parker Ray- The Toy-Box Killer. Serial killer and known torturer of women suspected by police to have murdered as many as 60 people from Arizona & New Mexico. Killed his victims in a $100,000 homemade torture chamber he called his "toy box" that he built out of an old mobile home, which was equipped with what he referred to as his "friends": whips, chains, pulleys, straps, clamps, leg spreader bars, and surgical blades and saws.

Robert Wagner & John Bunting .

Herman Webster Mudgett (May 16, 1861[1] – May 8, 1896[2]), better known under the alias of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, was one of the first documented American serial killers in the modern sense of the term. In Chicago at the time of the 1893 World's Fair, Holmes opened a hotel which he had designed and built for himself specifically with murder in mind, and which was the location of many of his murders. While he confessed to 27 murders, of which four were confirmed, his actual body count could be

Amelia Dyer. (Aileen Wournos was not the first female serial.) Hanged for murder in 1896. Some estimate her victims to be 400 victims. All babies. This would make her the most prolific serial killer in history. She would take in the illegitimate babies of Victorian women, promising to "farm" them out to adoptive parents for a price, or raise them until the mother could return for them. She'd then pocket the money, pawn the baby's clothes, and strangle the babies.

Jane Toppan "Jolly Jane" - One of the most prolific female serial killers who killed over 70 people. She thought of herself as "The Angel of Death" for good reason. She experimented on patients with atropine, strychnine and morphine. At that time serial killers were barely known. Jack the Ripper was probably one of the few references available at that time. She was one of the first New England serial killers.

Lavinia Fisher was America's first female serial killer. Her ghost is said to still haunt Charleston, South Carolina.

Patrick Mackay (born September 25, 1952) is a British serial killer who confessed to murdering eleven people in England in the mid 1970s.