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#WaronWomen March today: April 28, 2012. Brave women have fought for women's equality since 1848. Our right to vote wasn't even won until 1920, and there is so much more. The history of women's rights is long and rich with brave women and important gains. There is still a very long way to go

“I heard police or ambulancemen, standing in our house, say, “She must have provoked him,” or, “Mrs Stewart, it takes two to make a fight.” They had no idea. The truth is my mother did nothing to deserve the violence she endured. She did not provoke my father, and even if she had, violence is an unacceptable way of dealing with conflict. Violence is a choice a man makes and he alone is responsible for it.” -Patrick Stewart

Women with rights aren't as profitable.

A vibrant and independent beautiful woman is much more beautiful than a woman who waits for people to validate her existence. - Kelly McNeils Senegor

A vibrant and independent beautiful woman

"A woman, speaking clearly and out loud, can say something that no one appears to hear, only to have a man repeat it minutes, maybe seconds later, to accolades and group discussion... This suppressing of women’s voices, in case you are trying to figure out what Miss Triggs was wearing or drinking or might have said to provoke this response, is what sexism sounds like."

"I have a body. It's pretty great. My body is mine. If I want to, I can let you experience it with me. (also known as sex) If I don't, you don't get to touch it. If I say yes once and say no the next time, I'm not playing hard to get. It's mine. You are privileged to explore it at all. If I want to make it fat, hairy, bald, or covered in ink, that's ok. Because it's mine. You can do whatever you want with yours. But this one is mine." #feminism #bodypolicing

130 Million women have undergone female genital mutilation Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World The world is still not a fair place if you are a woman. Steampunk