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Such a sweet idea for teachers to do in their class! Classroom B-day idea... or just a great community builder mid-year. This is seriously one of the sweetest ideas I have ever seen. If there is no smartboard in your room maybe you could do it with large bulletin board paper. Then they could keep the kind words.

This bat and pumpkin fluency center is on the 4th grade reading level and is aligned with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Common Core Standards. $

Pumpkin Math unit for 3rd grade! My FIRST ever Teachers Pay Teachers item and it's FREE!! Happy fall y'all!

For the Love of First Grade: The Great Pumpkin Investigation

The Great Pumpkin Investigation is a 10 page student journal used for recording observations, predictions, and estimations of a pumpkin. Click on ...

Simply Second Grade: Pumpkin Investigation {FREEBIE}

RACK Week....what a great idea! Set aside one week for random acts of kindness!

Your Home School Connection Site: New Character Education "Poster"

Things I do that might Bug Someone Else. GREAT idea to bring some insight!

Quiz, Quiz, Trade: learn how to play this great review game that you can use with the whole class!

Instead of having to carry around your attendance sheet to recess or fire drills, etc. stick the kids names on the back of your teacher name tag.

Take a picture of what supply bins should look like when put away properly. Students can't be dismissed until the bin looks like the picture.

Vocab word on hat, the students walk around and have to try to figure out the word by the description given by other students.