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Awesome hands-on biology demonstration for kids! What is blood made of?

Hands-on Science: What is blood made of? - I Can Teach My Child!

Weight Watchers Salsa Roll Ups These are so yummy! Great as a snack or take along lunch

Weight Watchers Salsa Roll Ups | Chef in Training

Tasty Fruit Lollies That Are Healthy And Quick To Make

Tasty Fruit Lollies That Are Healthy And Quick To Make

Skinny Girls Healthy snack option...1/2c peanut butter to 1c greek plain non-fat yogurt. I'm soooo addicted! Seriously one of my favourite snacks! YUM!!!!

Bonus day: Dinner, Dips, and a Gourmet Dessert | Real Mom Kitchen

Bacon-wrapped Green Bean Bundles with Sweet Vinagrette.-This is what I make for a green vegetable side dish at Thanksgiving.--Sooo good!!-Use the partially cooked bacon that you would buy to cook in the microwave. It will crisp up faster in the oven so your green beans won't dry out.

Bacon-wrapped Green Bean Bundles | Farm Flavor

Cranberry Cherry Chicken Wrap -- multigrain flat bread; 3 oz Southwestern seasoned chicken breast strips; 1 Tbsp sundried tomatoes; 2 Tbsp cherry cranberry pecan mix; 1 Tbsp plain nonfat Greek yogurt; lettuce blend; kosher salt and black pepper to taste; tarragon vinegar

Campfire-Bars. They look sooooo good! And they are easy to make and/or give as a gift in a jar too! I think that with some salted nuts mixed in they would be The Perfect Food!

S’more Campfire Bars - Bakingdom

Baked Apple for camping! Halve an apple. Hollow out the core and fill with brown sugar and a pat of butter. Wrap in tin foil and place in the coals.