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Math Workstations: Dice and Domino Fun! Free TPT

Reading strategies bookmark with super cute animals to help kids remember their word attack strategies!

I love these posters for helping kids learn decoding strategies. Each strategy (chunking, stretching out the word, skipping the word and using the rest of the sentence to figure it out, etc) is associated with a cute little animal to help students remember the strategy. There is also a bookmark to download with just the animals to cue kids as they read. Great resource!

This elapsed time package is brimming with word problems, games, and center activities to give your students practice in using a timeline to determine elapsed time to the nearest 5 minutes and the nearest minute. It’s all themed around superheroes! $

FREE Elapsed Time Worksheet! Students use a real world concept, movie theater times, in order to explore concepts of elapsed time. In this activity, students read the sample movie times and answer questions about beginning and ending times. This worksheet comes in both English and Spanish.

Fun way for students to learn to tell time. Students have to mark hours and minutes around a hula hoop that represents the clock. This could be a fun activity for group work.

Telling Time Bundle - Great for reinforcing time lessons (Digital, Analog, and Elapsed Time) - Worksheets, Quizzes, Games and Printables

Time...The short hand tells the hour, the long hand gives us minute power! Have the kids show you their muscles when they say "minute power!"

Telling time ~ Helping kids build a thorough understanding. (Blog post full of hands-ideas.)


Telling time ~ Helping kids build a thorough understanding. (Blog post full of hands-ideas.)

Telling time to the minute anchor chart! (Dead pin- picture only)

Love this prefix anchor chart!

{FREEBIE} Teach, practice, and assess students' understanding of reading comprehension vocabulary (to infer, make predictions, visualize, analyze, critique, make connections, synthesize, and summarize). Happy Valentine's Day!!

Over 12 Reading Literature Passages and 11 Reading Informational Passages with Science/Social Studies Content with assessments and answer keys for the ENTIRE year! This pack also includes writing prompts, student sample answer key papers of a what a level 4 writing looks like, a level 3, etc.! Plus writing partial complete assessments and answer keys, language assessments, and fluency assessments!! Great for test prep AND you have supplements for your ENTIRE year of ELA Teaching!$

Tabletop Twitter: Using the skill Questioning the Text on a chart to promote reading, writing and deeper thinking among students

Communicate Learning with Silent Signals... This is my most favorite thing I've started doing with my students this year.