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Kid Crafts

Arts and crafts, just for kids. Also, art/supply doodads that I don't have to make.

How to hollow out a book for a secret hiding place...been wanting to do this, now I have directions. +this site is really cool

How To Do Stuff: How To Make a Secret Hollow Book:

Fantastic! Use a sponge to soak up concrete mix in whatever shape you desire and let it harden into a hardened version of what you just cut out! make pavers for the school garden?

DIY et tuto étoile en béton

making toy bow and arrow - bamboo bow, padded dowel arrows.

A Hunger Games party in action! | Sophie's World

Another thing to do with your pool noodles? Turn them into light sabers with duct tape. | 33 DIY Ways To Have The Best Summer Ever

colored salt (or "how I didn't make homemade glitter")

Activities: Make an Art Supplies Caddy - Could use funky duct tape for added color