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5 Apps that Earn You Money for Doing FREE Things

12 tricks you didn't know your iphone could do. my favorite: When you want to type a number, it is inconvenient to switch to numbers, type one number and then switch back to normal keyboard. If you press and hold the number key and then slide to the number and lift your finger off, it will type the number and automatically switch back to previous keyboard.

Save on groceries with your phone and this app! I use it every single week!

Great tips and app suggestions for taking better smartphone photos! Up your Instagram game!

Finding Free Kids Books Online -- 100's of titles for your iPad, phone, laptop and Kindle!

10 Smart Ways to Use Your Phone to Improve Your Writing. juliejordanscott....

17 Awesome Money-Saving Apps--17 great apps for earning rewards, saving on (almost) everything, and organizing your finances!

40 cool little hidden things that are on your iPhone. You may know some, but you don't know all of them . BEST PIN EVER!!!

When ever we go to the pool or beach, I place my phone in a snack size ziplock baggie. I can still use my phone through the plastic with my wet sandy hands...why haven't I thought of this!!

Learn how to get songs, videos, playlists, and photos off your iPod and back onto your computer. Read this blog post by Donald Bell on MP3 Insider.

21 apps for decorating, home repair, DIY and crafts. This looks insanely useful.

Wireless speakers/lights that screw into any light socket and streams your iPod/Pad/Phone music. Awesome.

This is the coolest app I've spent $1.99 on. I can run my entire computer remotely from my phone and use it as a remote during presentations. SO. Cool.

This $200 iPhone Case Is An FDA-Approved EKG Machine Most iPhone cases just protect your phone from drops. But what about diagnosing coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, or congenital heart defects? The AliveCor Heart Monitor is an FDA-approved iPhone case that can be held in your hands (or dramatically pressed against your chest) to produce an EKG/ECG--the infamous green blips pulsing patient-side in hospitals everywhere.

Top 5 Free iPhone Coupon Apps