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We rejoice because Christ has risen! Happy Resurrection Sunday!!

Jesus was born, lived, died and rose again for us - to bring us forgiveness, victory over death and the hope of heaven.

Books of the Bible Spinner game - This is a fun game we have used for years in Bible Drill. I think we found the original idea in Lifeway's kids Sunday School Material. Create a spinner (or purchase a blank one from a school supply store) with four sections. Label section 1 - Pronounce it, section 2 - Say the book before, section 3 - say the book after, section 4 - Find the book. Add cards with the names of the books of the Bible. Great review!

Church Mouse: Building Character Weekly Bible studies to do with your family on building Godly character

Prayer board: Wall sticker bought from an Uppercase Living party and a photo collage frame was turned into a marker board by sticking white paper behind the glass. // Need to do this for my Catholic school classroom

Free e-book, Cultivating a Heart for Motherhood! If your heart needs encouragement, this is for you!

52 key bible verses to memorize - one for each week of the year. She says even if you don't memorize anymore after this, you are armed with God's word to tackle nearly everything in life!

Bible Journal with Your Kids with Amanda Pelser August 2012

Memory Verse Week 1 Colossians 3:23 NIV84