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Cool Things Made From Egg Cartons

Recycled egg cartons never look of good!!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired game using upcycled egg cartons.

Creating Hands On Fun & Learning with Egg Cartons. What can you learn about what an Egg Carton?

animal noses out of egg cartons

Painted cardboard egg cartons and pipe-cleaners.... tulips made by the kiddos!

Paint paper egg cartons, cut cups apart, tear each side of cup almost to center, and hot glue to a wreath form. Add a bow and ta-da! ...a darling, easy, and super-inexpensive wreath.

Make a learning game from plastic Easter eggs and egg cartons

litterbugs! made with bottle caps and egg cartons.

organize jewelry with egg cartons

fun, easy advent calendar made from egg cartons and a posterboard

would be cute to use cut up egg cartons

A is for Ant...Ant craft out of Egg Cartons

Cute recycled egg craft sewing kit. Not Easter specific, but a good thing to do with extra cartons for sure.

I resurrection eggs and used them before, but this year I've gathered enough cartons so every kid will make their own They can share the story with others. Each egg represents a piece of the story. I used leather instead of the string for the whip. I used plastic soldiers in place of spear. Feathers in place of the donkey and placed it in story to tell of Petery denying Jesus before cock crowed. Instead of using bread I used guaze to represent the burial preparations tons of ideas Be creative

Egg cartons as muffin holders for gift-giving!

Children can learn to multiply using egg cartons and small items from home or found in the classroom!

Flower garland made from egg cartons.

checkers set made from egg cartons! How fun would this be to make and then play with :)

Miranda Rook offers an excellent tutorial about making papier mache pulp of magazine paper and egg cartons. Check out her galleries for lots of ideas for papier mache projects with students!

me & trey with another use for egg cartons!