Nothing says I'm a full time mom like your kids ruining your selfies. Lmfao

Assisted selfie

Haha, this is one reason why I hardly ever take selfies.

Hilarious selfie Biggest problem with today's generation: being conceded

Girl Takes Selfie Standing in Toilet Bowl ---- Best funny, pictures, humor, jokes, hilarious, quotes

Nicely done. Selfie anyone???? HAHAHA!!

I love when patients take selfies in the chair! Cracks me up!

The 33 Funniest Sexy Selfie Fails

Photos: Dad, baby daughter's 'selfies' go viral

Selfie dog pic -- just need to teach him (her?) how to do duck lips. (I really did laugh out loud on this!)

SELFIE definition: When one looks in the mirror and thinks DAMN I LOOK GOOD TODAY, I have got to take my own picture.

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