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Selfies of Hot Men

Muscular Guys who take their photos in a mirror with their iPhones, iPads, Androids and cameras

Selfie one!

Hunk of Man with abs and tats

Pierced ears and tit-bar -- ain't he sweet?

Bearded beauty -- and oh that tit ring!

Buff Ranger

Abs-Tats-and Arms -- and Kiss that Lion King


Jesus is watching over him, poor baby

Abs and arms to die for!

Now that's original -- smile muscle guy!

Mirror perfect

Adam Bates

Good morning Hawaii!

Justin de Roy at 20 years old, May 2014

Colin Wayne, bodybuilder and trainer

Sexy torso selfie

Chad Page - gymflash selfie by photographer Michael Anthony Downs

Bathroom selfie of shredded hunk

Sexy Atom Hunter of Beaumont TX

Colin Wayne's bathroom SELFIE with his red phone

Curly does a barechested SELFIE

Tom Falls does a SELFIE in his tanktop

The TOTAL Masculine manliness of Richard Forbat in a SELFIE