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* SIMPLE Nail Art Design Ideas

Looking for a lot of Simple Tutorials for nail designs? Visit ... I break everything down step-by-step so you can actually recreate these designs. If you try one of these designs, please share by posting your photo on my Facebook fanpage

nailstorming summer is coming - poppy nails - ASK ANA: Peeling Nails - Does Polish Prevent It? Ana addresses how peeling happens and whether polish can help prevent it. Click link to read on ...

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  • Ana Seidel

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  • KM Nelson

    I must have this!!! (Not a want... a MUST!)

Ana looks at the 3 most popular nail strengtheners on the market; OPI Nail Envy, Nailtiques, and Duri Rejuvacote. Do they help or hurt?

Fierce Makeup and Nails: OPI Sheer Tints (Review and Nail Art)

Black with Hot Pink Glitter Manicure by Lindsey's Lacquer. #nails #nailart #glitter #gradient #pink #purple

Fine Glitter Gradient feat. Glitter Gal & Dance Legend

Betty's Beauty Bombs: Gold and Bronze Mani