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Crystal Healing~

azurite/malachite - Opens the door to inner discovery, insights and vision, stimulates psychic abilities, increases your connection to the Divine and higher guidance.

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JBTANZ-18 - Tanzanite - $ 35000 SOLD Merelani Mine, Arusha, Tanzania miniature, 54 x 43 x 29 mm This specimen was part of a small but choice lot mined in the summer of 2010, that featured unusually intense color in natural (unheated) crystals. It is riveting for its gemminess and intense blue and purple colors. The area of gem quality cutting rough is very high in proportion to the volume, and so a fair amount of value is present in the form of rough for cut gems.

Crystal Mandala by Crystal Healing Art

Skeleton Quartz In skeleton quartz the edges grew more quickly than the faces, so the edges stand out like the frames of a window. Crystals that grow very quickly often develop skeletal growth forms -- other examples are gold rock salt crystals with hopper growth or snow flakes.

The Quartz Page: Growth Forms

Iceland Spar (Optical Calcite) - Brazil


Creedite Mina Navidad Mexico | eBay