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Gardens Inspired

List of ferns worthy of your garden. Ferns are so easy to care for that most gardeners meet with success.

Gardens Inspired: Fantastic ferns

Tutorial - follow the photo link. Make a hydrangea wreath

Tutorial - Spring blooming bulbs (hyacinths, daffodils, snowdrops, tulips and crocus) are planted in the fall - any time before the ground completely freezes.

Mulled cider and wine - recipe: Mix 2 cups dried orange peel, 2 cups broken cinnamon sticks, 1-cup whole allspice berries, 1-cup whole cloves, and 4 broken star anise. Store the mixture in a closed jar. . . . . . To use: Mix ¼ cup of the spices per gallon of wine, cider, or apple juice. Simmer for 30 minutes. Serve hot in mugs with cinnamon stick stir-sticks, or fill a punch bowl and garnish with orange slices.

Gardens Inspired: Mulling is a centuries-old practice

Fairies in Residence!

Fairies in Residence! | Gardening Life

Follow the photo link to discover the benefits of, and instructions for, planting succulent gardens.

Plants that save their fragrance until evening, and then WOW

Grackles are aggressive and noisy; they bully the songbirds and hoard the food. TO DISCOURAGE GRACKLES – Since they are large and prefer platform feeders, eliminate those from your garden. If removing the platform feeder is not possible, fill it with striped sunflower seed. Grackles avoid that seed because of the thick, hard shell.

  • StevenDeb Wolfe

    We have no feeders, but they nest in our trees. They attack our cats and fly at us if we turn our backs on them. We have put up owls, bright flashy things in the trees and it doesn't help. We deal with this for 3 months a year... poor cats have dings in their heads from getting pecked.

Gardenia by Harley Seaway. Follow the photo-link to find the lists of heavy, subtle, and spicy scented flowers.

With containers of herbs on your windowsill, you can enjoy gardening even on the wintriest days.