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School of Humanities

Interested in history and political science? Visit campus during their department discovery day on Monday, October 27.

AU welcomes American Security Project lecture

You don't believe faith is an individual-only experience.

"There was not a single class that did not have a direct influence on my current success." ~ Thom Newell, 2009 Communication Arts graduate

"The communications courses were a great combination of theory and strategy with hands-on, practical training." ~ Anthony Surratt, 1989 Communication Arts graduate

The speech communication specialization at Anderson University is designed for a broad background in communication arts and for students interested in a career in public service or law.

Students majoring in visual communication design at Anderson University learn how to design for a variety of media. But design is not just about what you make; it's also about how you think. From the first sketch to the final pixel, we encourage you to develop both skill and understanding by using critical, creative thinking to solve the problems of visual communication design.

Journalism students have the opportunity to play key roles in professional ventures at Anderson University, including WQME 98.7 FM, the Andersonian newspaper, and in video productions such as the Emmy® Award-winning documentary A Ripple of Hope. These cross-media opportunities prepare students for roles in today's diverse media.

The public relations specialization at Anderson University includes courses in public relations principles, writing, case studies, design, and digital photography. Students work with Fifth Street Communications™, the department's public relations agency, which serves the needs of local nonprofit organizations while providing students with opportunities for hands-on, portfolio-quality work.

Areas of study in the Anderson University Cinema & Media Arts Production specialization in Communication Arts include the basics of microphone types and placement, digital recording, audio and video/cinema editing, lighting, gripping, dolly work, as well as above-the-line roles in producing and directing.

The cinema & media arts production major at Anderson University provides education and experience for students in all areas of audio, video, and cinema production. From as early as their freshman year, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on professional experience in all production classes and through WQME and Covenant Productions®.

"It's one-on-one (experience), and it's amazing." ~ Chris Witt, 2003 Communication Arts graduate

"I was immersed in courses that dug deeply into what I would experience in the working world." ~ Jamie Lynn Ferguson, 2007 Communication Arts graduate

"There were more than 100 applicants for (my job), but I was selected because of everything I brought to the table." ~ John Millikan, 2009 Communication Arts graduate

"You get to know your professors personally in a way you never would at a larger school." ~ Aaron Vogel, 2010 Communication Arts graduate

Jessica Wehling Kegerreis, Visual Communication Design 2004 graduate.

Holly Ruth Hency, Art+Design General Studies 2009 graduate.