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This is a Muscle that causes lower back pain from lack of stretching... The QL must be stretched daily, specially if you sit all day.

Life Hacks - Part XIV? - Imgur

These are so hard; you’ll feel them everywhere-great for the inner thigh...yup.. Goodbye thighs

Top Butt Exercises - this will kill you. My butt was sore for three days

Defy Gravity: Your Butt-Sculpting Workout Plan

Advocare before and after measurements

Back and neck stretches 5-10 minutes a day 3 days a week....perfect for my stiff neck and back as a hairstylist :)

Let's Cure That Nasty Cellulite NOW: Cure Cellulite With These 5 Home Exercises

a blog full of some really amazing workouts. arms, legs/butt, abs etc. LOVE: Dancers legs. Gorg.

Idea for those special shirts that no longer fit but you can't bear to get rid of.

Holds phones, cards, keys, and more! | FlipBelt

FlipBelt - World's Best Running Belt & Fitness Workout Belt

Doing a routine based on minutes instead of reps allows you to customize the workout for a variety of levels. The key is to do as many CORRECT reps as you can and over time you’ll be able to track your progress as you do more reps!

"Zumba videos on YouTube. This girl's routines are so much fun. I WANT to do these every night!"


Your Body Type, Your Workout

I need this.... 5 exercises to eliminate back and neck pain.

Five Moves to Send Back and Neck Pain Packing -

Core plus your upper back and shoulders? Place your heels against the bottom of a wall, bend forward, and position your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor. Walk your feet up the wall until your legs are parallel to the floor and your body forms a 90-degree angle (a); this works your upper back and shoulders. Raise your right leg to activate your core (b). Reverse to return to start. That's one rep. Do 10. #FitLiving

The 15-Minute Body-Weight Workout

Fantastic Ass Workout Because it can't be fantastic without getting a lil sweaty! #buttworkout #glutes

5-Minute Workout: Brazilian Butt Lift

How to have a SMALL WAIST, GET RID OF SADDLE BAGS AND A BETTER BUTT, in less than 10 minutes! oh yeah!

Happy Hips Yoga Sequence. Good to know when your hips are sore from turn out work!

For those busy busy BUSY days, when you need a quick workout! Only 12 minutes or full body fat blasting - KAMA FITNESS!