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Clever tear off posters that make me smile

I'm feeling generous today...

Free Fortunes

BENT OBJECTS: Free Fortunes

A Merry Movement; spread the good love and cheer! A printable / PIY tear off poster. Print it out, cut along the dotted lines and pin it up at work, in school, or even in your neighbourhood! :) I'll take one!

Tear-off poster - Have you seen this cat? Now you have!!!

Hilarious Paper Street Signs

Brilliant: Anger Management Sportsgym: Untearable Tear-off poster

Rick Astley tear off poster, wonderful!

Do Something Sometimes people need that extra boost, small sentimental gift, or just a cute note to get them through the day. This is that cute note that will put a smile on your face. This is for the people that may have lost themselves, or have a creative block. I want people to know that taking a chance, having a dream, setting a goal, and seeing their future is as easy as tearing it off this poster...they just have to do it.

Jeff. Oh, Jeff Jeff Jeff.

Guitar lessons? Baby-sitting? Whatever it is, I just admire her youthful industry.